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Before I write my review let me just say that I am honored to be able to be invited by the Haitian Group of Barry University, not only has it proven that my work has not gone unnoticed but also my goal is coming to fruition, I am reaching young minds out there, just the thought makes me smile. So thank you H.I.C.A of Barry University for inviting me to your event.

Speaking of event, for those of you used to my reviews I always point out the good and the bad and hold my tongue for no one hence my slogan “the show that holds nothing back” so I know you get the point.

First and foremost let’s get an understanding of  who H.I.C.A is … to put it in their own words :” The objectives of H.I.C.A. is to assist with the socialization of Haitian and non-Haitian Students at Barry University, to gain understanding of historical and cultural perspectives about Haiti, to reach out to other ethnic organization to promote understanding among all, …to promote the well being of the community by participating in community activities, and to establish a link between students at Barry University and Students of Haiti.”

Let’s start by pointing out the good. I have to say that production wise it is definitely noticeable that hard work has been meticulously applied in order to have such an outcome. The show highlighted upcoming designers such as Kaychic, Zoe Nation Apparel, Lordana Designs and A La Mode Boutique  where the models certainly well represented their brand by their svelte figures. The event was hosted by comedian/artist Keed Coulgi who kept the audience entertained throughout the whole show, his humor may not have been received to its fullest for there were also some people from other countries in the audience who unfortunately didn’t understand Haitian humor, but Coulgi is a good sport and did a good job keeping everyone in the loop. There would be no culture without dance performed by Kappa Alpha Psi, HICA dance team who brought us back to our roots, demonstrating the tribal dance moves of the mother land.

To top it all Kudos to DJ Drizoe for keeping the music flowing throughout the whole show, keeping the beat going on the ones and twos there was never a dull moment.

If I had to point out the negative it would only have to be about the runway defile. It’s obvious that the models weren’t trained properly to showcase the garments they went a little too fast on the runway and did not give the audience the time to digest exactly what was going on. When showcasing a garment the focus should not be on the  model, but instead it is the model’s job to make sure the audience admires the garment to its fullest.

Lastly the group identity popular for their remake of “Se pa pou dat” featuring  Alan Cave, showed what true talent was about, I have yet to do snippet on them but I’m pretty sure it will be in the works soon.

Through fashion, dance and music all cultures can come together, especially when it comes to a great cause. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Fritay Foundation who annually gives out scholarships to unfortunate students entirely in need of funds to go to school in Haiti.

I’d like to thank Mouseline Rosier and Jessica Edmond, students of Barry University and members of the board of H.I.C.A, for inviting me to such an event. Producing is not easy but with an iron will anything is possible. I’d like to wish the Haitian Inter-Cultural Association great success in their endeavors until we meet again


below is a snippet of what the show looked like through my eyes enjoy!