So this morning I woke up a little upset ….Upset that I actually woke up from the BEST… DREAM… EVER.  This is when you know that the reality that you live in really sucks if a dream can upset you that much.

mike-colterIt is undeniable that I think of a lot of things during the day and one of those things is my magazine, my dream was about me being Luke Cage‘s best friend. I mean the actor that plays Luke Cage on Netflix, Mike Colter, was my best friend (in my dream that is). We took nice long walks together. Talked about life and how Hollywood was treating him. We laughed together, and he even consoled me. I mean I have no idea what we were talking about but the man was my best friend. At a certain moment I remember asking him if I could have him on the cover of my next issue. He agreed. I mean Mike Colter agreed to be on the cover of my magazine (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh) That was literally my reaction. I was so happy that I felt myself jumping and giving him the biggest hug expressing my happiness. Alas…it was just a dream. IT WAS JUST A DREAM….damn it!!

I mean look at the man. How can you not admire this dark chocolate brother?! Forget the fact that he has a wife for a second.

It even went on where I picked up the phone and called Joe Wesley (that’s how much I wanted the picture to be perfect) Joe is a real photographer, that I know who does amazing work and has been published in several magazines. You can imagine my excitement. Well that excitement woke me up. aaaaaarrgh.

Sometimes I think the Lord is a prankster. He puts these wonderful dreams in your head knowing that it would put a smile on your face and then poof!! gone! just like that!

Oh well, not sure what this dream meant but Luke Cage ….I mean Mike Colter …one day my friend , one day.

Stay happy people!