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I Love the fact that social media has given all of us a voice. A mean to express our feelings, creativity and opinions. The most popular social media around the world is Facebook, we all know that. Before Facebook became a platform for entrepreneurs to expand their business, it was all about human beings expressing themselves and connecting. One thing about Facebook is that it’s a free for all, your page is your house I can do whatever I want when I’m in my house, the only difference is the nonsense that I do in my house are exposed for everyone else to see and I choose how I deliver the message.

How many times have I seen disgusting things on my feed, women exposing themselves, children cussing at their parents or even attention hungry people posting things just to get “LIKES”. Technically it doesn’t make it right, however I can only control my own actions, I can either chose to ignore it, un-follow that person, delete them from my friend list etc. But understand it is not my place to go and judge that person. Even the bible says it, thou shall not judge. Now I’m not saying I’m perfect but if it doesn’t agree with my morals I can just choose to walk away.

Perfect example, I support a nonprofit organization called FREE YOURSELF WOMEN FOUNDATION, their main cause is to help women that have been through domestic violence. Now if I were to be judgmental my reaction would have been to tell these women that they need to walk away from their abusing men, that they needed to know better. However these women stay until their life gets threaten and some of them don’t even want you to help them out of the situation because of fear, needless to say that some occurrences end up with fatalities. Who am I to judge that person, I have no idea what domestic violence feels like. So who am I to counsel and tell them how I would do things. It’s not my place. The only thing I can do is be sympathetic  and be a comforting ear until they realize themselves that they need to get out of the funk.

Now on the other hand I’m being portrayed as cynical and negative when it comes to relationships by people who’s relationships seem perfect. Who are you to judge? Until you know someone’s history you have no right to tell them how they should feel about certain things. I have been through some crap when it comes to relationships, I started dating when I was 16, until this day I have no idea what it feels like to be treated well by a man, so for those judging and saying that I should be patient and be positive about this, turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth first before you start judging. Don’t pretend to know me.

This is not like a business where everything is logical, this is not like a job where I can learn new procedures of doing things, this is not some project where if I fail I can pick myself up and try and try again. This is my heart we are talking about. The heart is irrational and will make you do stupid things….yes even having the thought of suicide. So before you judge someone you should stop and think “what if I was in this person’s shoes?, what would have I done?, how would I handle it?”

In conclusion don’t pretend to know someone. If we treat people with compassion first, the world would have been a better place. Everyone has a history and a behavioral reaction to what happens to them. Stop judging  and comparing other people’s lives to YOUR little bubble. Lend a comforting ear from time to time, you can make a difference.

Thank you.

P.S: Not being a fan of mine because of my philosophy about love won’t change who I am. I deal with it however I see fit.