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Jimmy Moise & I

Welcome to Miami…where the party never ends!! Your girl was at it  again…another wonderful discovery right here in the heart of Hollywood FL. the word Exquisite would be best used in this context for the place in question today is “all that and a bag of chips!!!”. An event organized by the man himself Chief Editor of Caribbean Network Magazine, Jimmy Moise

which turned out to be the talk of the town, could not be done at a better place than CalaBash Restaurant & Martini Lounge at Satoro owned by Mr. and Mrs Pratts.

Mr. and Mrs. Pratts

If you are looking for a professional environment to unwind after a long day of work, or even let loose on the weekends and be yourself for once, Satoro is the place to be: The modern decor accentuated with a sprinkle of European taste gave it its originality ,

inviting and warm setting. There you will find a friendly staff, great food, live music and even a totally awesome DJ to make you forget about your troubles of the day!!…shoooo !!! I sure did..I was even rocking it with the owner herself…Go Vivian!!!… Go Vivian!!!

breakin' it down!!

A great place to make the right business contacts or enjoy with friends and have the time of your life!

As you can see culturally Miami has a lot to offer and I will be there every step of the way letting you know what’s hot and what’s not right here in the MIA!

Once again it was your girl Corhinn giving you a peace of the “flava” in the south FLA …Till Next Time!!