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giftsThat feeling you get when worshiping The Almighty God…Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…oh that elevated feeling when the Holy Ghostpraise2praise fills up a room and there is no one else but you and your God talking to each other, celebrating life itself for He has given His life for our sins, that overwhelming feeling knowing that this might be the last time you speak to your God and if you had to ask Him for one thing it would your last wish.

An event worth attending, the first Christmas Worship gala hosted by Tyscot Music & Entertainment‘s celebrity singer songwriter JAVEN ; in a more intimate atmosphere where everyone felt like family, however certain VIPs made the night such as twice cancer survivor, show host David Gandell, Ms Florida Plus America 2011 Tia Frost.


Javen – Singer Songwriter

The night definitely showed a fun filled agenda, it began with prayers and blessings administered by Bishop James Campbell then continued with  the lovely voice of 9 year old Haitian American Jaden Bramelus who demonstrated that singing for the Lord can begin extremely young, subsequently I laughed so hard that I bet you my stomach muscles got their exercise last night with comedian and oh so man of God Jeffrey Campbell. As the night went on Ms. Fabiola Fleuranvil who represented the Junior league of Miami which that night benefited women victims of domestic violence, she thanked the room for their generous donation of toys which will go to the children victims of domestic abuse forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in an unfamiliar territory. Such event organized by the wonderful and talented public relations guru Suzzette Turnbull of Social Media for Entertainers


Suzzette Turnbull – Event Coordinator


I particularly had fun worshiping…yes worshiping, there is no greater feeling then to feel closer to God. Many thanks to Suzzette who took the time out of her day and personally invited me. Many blessings to JCM and Javen as he will open his ministry right here in South Florida, he could have done it anywhere else but he chose the sunshine state and we are grateful.

I have absolutely nothing to reprimand,  this event started on time, finished on time, kept us entertained as enlighten, a fun filled and anointed night what more could you ask for…Until next year. Enjoy this snippet of what went on (To find out more about Javen and his Worship in the Now Ministries, visit