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Lately I’ve been so focused into my work that it can become a little overwhelming, and when this happens what is the best way to unwind? yep you’ve guest it..PURE RETAIL THERAPY..aaaaaaaaaaaah ..the scent of new clothing and the feel of trying on an outfit for the first time..pure bliss!! alright back to reality…

Today we are actually going to do a little sharing. Do you ever ask yourself : What could possibly be my shape? This is the beauty of it, as women we have curves n’est-ce pas..but it happens that our curves are individually and uniquely sketched to us but generally there are a few common features that can put us in the same category. According to Wikipedia (yes I do research) there is 4 known shapes, Banana, Apple, Pear and Hour Glass..There are modifications of these shapes, such as the inverted triangle, the rectangle and column but when you think about it they still fall under one of those shapes.. but we want to keep the basics.

Today let’s try to recognize our shapes: which one is you?

Let’s start by our dear host Mimi, she happens to have a pear shape…as you can see her hips will tell no lie!!! LOL…just kidding!! Being pear gives emphasis to the lower part of your body while your upper body tend to be smaller.

On another note your girl Corhinn is a banana…(hahahah..I’m a banana hahah..It sounds so funny when I say it!!!) A more symmetrical look, athletes tend to have that kind of body shape but whoo, I am far from being that but at least you get to see two shapes today.

To each shape there are recommended clothing that can work for one and look completely distorted on the other.

So talk to us..What shape are you? don’t be afraid to share a photo with us.

Next week we will start exploring the type of clothes that go with your body type.

Stay Fabulous!!