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As a woman I have the right to be explosively mad and upset. Since when was chivalry  dead??? Nowadays I want to know why on earth would a woman..want to accept a man to treat me as a rag doll and do as he please with me. Women that accept that ish, you outta be ashamed of yourselves, no wonder why they no longer want to make the effort of courting women. And the good ones pay the price.

As I see this couple today where the lady was carrying her baby, the baby’s bag and her purse at the same time, while her so called “man” walked beside her and offers absolutely no helping hand what so ever, made me want to hurl.

Perhaps a list of “Since when was it ok to…” can help in that situation:

Since when was it ok to:

– stare me in the eye as I opened your car door Mr Man?

– walk in front of me as if I didn’t exist

– Open a building door, walk through and hold it as if you were doing me a favor

– sit before I do at a dinner table

– tell me to pay half the bill on a first date…or better yet forget your @#$% wallet

– try to beat me at a friendly game on our first night out…really? …really? not sexy man..not sexy at all

– ask me to come over to my place just after a few phone conversations

– to tell me that what your girlfriend doesn’t know won’t kill her

– Not offer your seat to a standing woman on public transportation

I’m pretty sure my ladies would have more to add..Be my guest….