As each year passes by, we get another chance at life, another chance to be grateful for the friends we cherish, the family that loves us and the things we just can’t live without.

Tony C., Mimi P., Jimmy M., Jowee O.

Did the birthday cake give it away?!!!…it should have for Wednesday December 15th, 2010, marked the shining of four Sagittarius in the Haitian entertainment industry: Jimmy Moise,  Editor of Caribbean Magazine…Tony Cadet, Miami’s major club promoter…Mimi Pericles, Beware Swimwear fashion designer….Jowee Omicil, renown saxophone player who had the privilege to play in the White House.

This was not your typical club scene crowd, as each and every face in that atmosphere had left their imprint in the industry, blessed with an entourage of  the famous… the talented…. the gorgeous  and the outspoken…an ambiance of fun at the utmost sophisticated level.

Compliments of Delroy Nicely and Vivian Pratts of  Satoro Lounge, our dear December babies were in great company, we are talking about Rachel J. from RAX collection; Nayeli Fanfan, fashion model; Claudine Charles, Painter and writer; Gilbert Fevry and Cameus Chicoye, LC Studios producers; Rose-Marie Chaperon, owner of SHENA Haiti inc ; Sissi Michel, entertainment lawyer; Bernice Fidelia, Talent Manager; Kassandra Ceneas, aspiring host.



Jowee Omicil

The night would not have been complete of course without the serenade of Alena Lowenthal with the presence of Ralph Cassagnol from MAWON; the sweet sound of Jowee’s saxophone completely silencing the room; the rhythm of music that kept us dancing brought to us by the “voice ” himself of Franky MixAlot

Franky M. & Ralph C.

Speaking of great company, I cannot omit the presences of Don Polo and the BK Production crew; also acknowledging Patrick Remy which is also a music producer, Herve Cameau one of the main members of “12 Events”; Marco Olibrice from Vibz TV, Djems  Jeanniton, male model and many more!!!

To tell you the truth it was fun, relaxing and tasteful..beautiful people in a delightful setting. One more year, one more opportunity to be thankful…and by extending my birthday wishes to these “celebrities” ..May you find health, joy, and prosperity for the years to come so that you may continue to bless us with your marvelous work…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

If I ever had forgotten a name… I apologize in advance and please don’t send the mafia after me …you already know where there is action, your girl is always on the scene…so I was lurking around trying to find out what is going on and this is what I heard from Mr godfather Jimmy himself to Tony “the dealer”:

-“we would have to make them an offer they can’t refuse…a party that will be talked about for months to come…just get the job done!”

Images provided by Ricardo Saint-Cyr Photography and Reginald Gelin of