chit chat 300dpiThe idea of having a fun entertaining show first came about with Joe’s mind. His vision was to offer the haitian community a different sound through a different voice. Then came Corhinn, who owes her debut to Alain Sanon on “Matters of the Heart”. With the original idea of talking about relationships on the show, it brought up another twist. Then came Nate, representing youth everywhere, concluded the show to be geared towards the future of this country in our Caribbean community.

The show has taken a broad diversity from radio …to tv… to blog  log on to to find out more and  for program hours. The radio show can be heard online with a wider online audience with segments done by Corhinn and guests such as Marjory Sheva, Olivier Day and much more on  Chit Chat with Corhinn Blog Talk

Chit Chat with Corhinn has now become a movement; it is not only a radio show but a combination of a Radio talk show, a written blog and a WebTV sequence about general issues, awareness and always keeping you updated with the latest hotness of Miami!!

Chit chat with Corhinn’s vision is to empower our youth of today. Letting them know the good the bad and the ugly about “life” .