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Dear Santa and Jesus,

I know this may be last notice but as you can see I have tried to be a good little boy this year…I went to school…got good grades and didn’t torture the dog too much last month! I know this is the only time during the year you team up to make miracles happen…I only have one request…for once it is not for me…but for children like me who had to go without, who had to see the earth shatter under their feet, while I had a roof over my head…who had to see buildings crush their mom and dad, while mine are still alive and well…who had to go without food for days not knowing what tomorrow will look like, while I ate everyday…for children that lost limbs while I get to see my fingers and toes every… this wish is not for me, but for children who have been molested under those tents, who had to leave their home town because their home crumbled before their eyes.

Santa and Jesus , this wish is for them, I wish for peace of mind, hope and love for them, though I’m only one child but you guys have super powers and can make anything happen. I wish for them to know that it will be ok soon, that change is near, that one day, they will look back and smile knowing they have overcome the worse.

Thank you in advance Jesus and’re the best!!

– Kevin