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Great Places in Miami

31 Dec. 2010

Nan Boukan’m prale…

At the door step of 2011, what a way to exhibit the true beauty of the Haitian culture!… December 29th, 2010 marked the last “Boukan Night” of the year: a place where Haitian artists, old and new, come to showcase their work, a place that emanates true culture, beauty and art in the form of […]

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23 Dec. 2010

Never in my life……

Today is a sad day for a spot in the Miami area that I refuse to call hot! compliments are due where it is deserved, but today it is with a frown that I bring this review to light. Kitchen 305…(I had to take a breath for a minute to be able to look for […]

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20 Dec. 2010

In the spirit of the Holidays…

It is always a pleasure for me to experience what the community has to offer in terms of entertainment, but this time it was a bit different. The town of North Miami Beach commemorated the holidays with a delightful parade made by and for its citizens. Of course it is well known that Haitians have […]

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17 Dec. 2010

Another year….another breath…!

As each year passes by, we get another chance at life, another chance to be grateful for the friends we cherish, the family that loves us and the things we just can’t live without. Did the birthday cake give it away?!!!…it should have for Wednesday December 15th, 2010, marked the shining of four Sagittarius in […]

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22 Nov. 2010

We are taking over…BY FORCE!!!

November 19th, 2010….It’s a new era, though RAP Kreyol has been in the midst of music for quite sometime now, its rise is surely to reach the mainstream charts in a very short time. RKM Recordz did it again, from a great line up to great performances the atmosphere could not have been better. The […]

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